Charcoal Teeth Whitener Products

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Charcoal teeth whitener products contain activated charcoal, which is formed when common charcoal is heated in the presence of a gas that causes the charcoal to develop lots of pores. This porous texture has a negative electrical charge, which causes it to attract positively charged molecules such as toxins and gases. These pores are good at trapping chemicals and preventing their absorption. Activated Charcoal whitens teeth by absorbing plaque and other teeth-staining compounds.

Activated charcoal tooth powder naturally cleans, polishes, and whitens your teeth, while strengthening gums and removing toxins and bad breath. BlackBlanc's premium formula contains food-grade Activated Charcoal teeth whitener powder is derived from organic coconut shells, which thoroughly cleans and deeply moisturises the mouth, preventing new stains from attaching to the tooth's surface and ensuring a healthy and confident smile. View our full range of teeth whitening products here.

BlackBlanc Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder


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White Glo Charcoal Deep Stain Remover


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