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Do you suffer from uncomfortable dry mouth?

*  Biotene Oral Balance Gel is a relief for Dry Mouth Symptoms. Biotene Oral Balance Gel is long-lasting and immediate. It coats the tissue of the mouth and soothes it gently. It is proven to be long-lasting relief for Dry Mouth. 

·         This product is ideal for anyone who suffers from Dry Mouth and wants to relieve the pain.

·         Made with pH balance formula, moisturizers and lubricants.

·         Great for use at night or anytime.

·         Available in a small 42g portable tube which is siscreet and easy to use. 

“I have dry mouth due to my medications. This really is aggravating, especially at night, when I'm trying to sleep! Being a Biotene toothpaste user, I decided to try the Biotene oral balance gel. After using it as directed, it immediately made my mouth feel so much more comfortable! I did not wake up once that night needing to take a sip of water to "wet" my mouth. I think this is an excellent product! Many thanks, Biotene!” Debra



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