Neutral Detergent Antibacterial Wipes – 50 Pack

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Neutral detergent multi-surface wipes are ideal for general cleaning, sanitising and are gentle on hands.

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Neutral Detergent Wipes

Neutral Detergent Wipes are “ALCOHOL AND FRAGRANCE FREE” and have been tested to EN1276. They exhibit sufficient bactericidal activity to substantiate an “Antibacterial” claim. Tested against E.Coli, MRSE, Salmonella and Listeria and have a kill result of 99.99%.

Neutral Detergent wipes are used for both the cleaning and sanitising stage of health protection.
They effectively clean surfaces without leaving any residue and are gentle on hands.
The wipes come in a flip-top pack to prevent drying out.

Ideal for:

  • Aged care and hospitals
  • Beds, mattresses, equipment
  • Commercial offices
  • General home cleaning (kitchen and bathroom)
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Schools and gyms