TePe Angle Interdental Brushes

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TePe Angle is the new addition to the popular range of TePe interdental brushes, now offering a choice of handle length, angles and texture.

  • Easy to use
  • Slender brush head angled for easy reach
  • Long flat handle gives a natural, ergonomic grip
  • Available in six colour coded sizes to suit patients needs
  • 6 brushes per pack
  • Try TePe Angle today!

Did you know, cleaning the gaps between your teeth with a TePe Interdental Brush helps remove up to 40% more plaque than just toothbrushing alone? To guarantee a 100% clean feeling you can start your TePe journey today; always start with the smallest interdental brush size first but if unsure you must seek advice from your dentist or dental hygienist. 


  • Pink - Wire Size 0.4mm  |  Passage Hole Diameter 0.6mm
  • Orange - Wire Size 0.45mm  |  Passage Hole Diameter 0.7mm
  • Red - Wire Size 0.5mm  |  Passage Hole Diameter 0.9mm
  • Blue - Wire Size 0.6mm  |  Passage Hole Diameter 1.1mm
  • Yellow - Wire Size 0.7mm  |  Passage Hole Diameter 1.3mm
  • Green - Wire Size 0.8mm  |  Passage Hole Diameter 1.6mm

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