Brush Baby Dental Wipes

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It is very important to start cleaning your baby's teeth and gums from when they are very young. Doing so helps the gums to form a healthy mouth for new baby teeth to grow. Brush Baby Dental Wipes are a delicate way to clean your baby's teeth and gums when they can't be brushed.

Baby teeth will start to grow anytime from when a baby is 6 months old. Brush Baby Dental Wipes are to be used earlier than 6 months old to create bacteria free clean gums for the teeth to come through. 

Brush Baby Dental Wipes should be used as part of your baby's daily routine and also after meals and snacks. Simply remove the cover from the wipe and place it on your index finger. Use the wipe on your finger to wipe around the gums, tongue and cheeks of the mouth. 

Brush Baby Dental Wipes contain Xylitol which helps to reduce the number of decay-causing bacteria. 

Pack of 28 individually wrapped finger wipes

Here's what real mums say.

"Very useful and my daughter is loving the flavour. Would recommend to others" - Kerry

"Now it was so funny using these on my 8 month old son - he instantly couldn't get enough and was pulling my finger inside to chew it and suck on the taste." - Jacqueline

"Have already recommended to friends and family. A good quality product which helps your baby get used to a daily mouth clean routine" - Charlene

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