Are you grinding your teeth while you are asleep?

Are you grinding your teeth while you are asleep?

Teeth grinding (also known as Bruxism) is the involuntary action of gnashing and clenching of teeth while you are sleeping.

Usually a person who grinds their teeth in their sleep is unaware of their habit. Teeth grinding is usually caused by several factors and is linked to stress, anxiety, sleep disorders and sometimes it can also be a side effect of certain types of medication.

The symptoms of teeth grinding are not life threatening but can be problematic and can impact sleep quality. Signs of teeth grinding include headaches, earache, sore jaw muscles, teeth sensitivity, worn-down teeth and disrupted sleep.

Teeth grinding is highly treatable and the success to treating it is figuring out what is the underlying cause of it. For example, if emotional stress is driving you to grind your teeth, before bedtime relaxation techniques might be helpful. However, if you think your teeth grinding disorder is more severe, it is best to speak to a dentist or a healthcare professional.