Powered Toothbrushes - Why use one?

An electric toothbrush can dramatically increase your teeth & gum health in just a matter of days.

Why use a powered toothbrush?

Firstly, using a powered toothbrush to brush your teeth is more effective than using a manual brush because it is a lot easier to clean your teeth fully using an electric toothbrush. When using a powered toothbrush, you can flick the timer on to make sure you end up brushing for a full 2 minutes which is very important to clean your teeth properly. With a powered toothbrush you do not need to use a brushing motion like you would with a manual brush, instead just move the brush over and around each tooth.


How does a powered toothbrush work?

A powered toothbrush uses electric power to move the head of the brush rapidly so when you put this on your tooth it removes plaque. It moves by rapid back and forth oscillation so it can get into places you do not normally reach and remove the plaque from there. The fast vibrating motion removes the plaque from along the gum line helping your teeth to stay clean and healthy!


Why are powered toothbrushes more effective?

Powered toothbrushes use the power of vibration which cleans your teeth more thoroughly. Powered toothbrushes provide thousands more strokes per minute than a regular toothbrush which gives your teeth an all-round better clean. An example of this is how a Sensonic toothbrush offers between 30,000 and 40,000 strokes per minute whereas with a regular toothbrush a person can only do about 300 strokes per minute. It is also proven that powered toothbrushes are more effective at reducing plaque build up and also reducing gingivitis. Powered toothbrushes will also benefit people with sensitive teeth or gum disease because the brushes are so gentle when brushing your teeth.