What type of interdental brush should I use?


TePe's original interdental brushes are available in nine sizes to fit narrow as well as wider interdental spaces. The unique handle is the result of a comprehensive research program, it provides comfortable and firm grip for ease of use. The colour coding helps to identify which size to use.

TePe's smallest interdental brushes have been improved. The new G2 neck offers improved durability, access and comfort. Use a straight brush for front teeth at gum level. Gently move the brush back and forth a few times to remove plaque and debris. Access may be improved by curving the brush head once. Efficiently and gently cleans around implants and orthodontic appliances. It is important to select the correct size, the brush should fill the space, never force the space. Always rinse the brush in clean water during and after use. Let the brush air dry and change the brush regularly when brush becomes worn.