Gum disease has Higher Risk of Causing Stroke than Diabetes

Oral health is one of the gateways to general health and well being and brushing up on your daily dental routine has never been more important according to recent findings.

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Oral health is one of the gateways to general health and well being and brushing up on your daily dental routine has never been more important according to recent findings.

New research suggests that gum disease carries a higher risk of causing a stroke than diabetes, and its impact is nearly the equivalent of high blood pressure as a major cause of strokes.

The research, presented at the 89th International Association for Dental Research (IADR) General Session and Exhibition in San Diego last month, claims that people are twice as likely to suffer a non-fatal stroke as a result of gum disease as diabetes.

With the growing evidence citing links between poor oral health and serious health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, strokes and pre-term, low birth-weight babies there’s never been a better time to optimize your dental health.

Leading oral health specialist Molar has put together the following tips and advice to help you brush up on your daily dental routine:-


Visiting your dentist could literally save your life! Your dentist, hygienist or therapist is trained to routinely screen all the oral tissues for any abnormalities, in particular, oral cancer. Currently there is no national screening programme for oral cancer so visiting your dentist on a regular basis allows you the opportunity to have an ‘oral tissue health check’. Many oral cancers are first detected as a result of patients visiting the dental practice for routine dental examinations, and early detection of this life threatening disease can greatly influence the long-term prognosis and survival rate.


Plaque bacteria are the major cause of gum disease, dental decay and bad breath. In addition to a balanced diet, regular cleaning and dental checkups, try taking ProDen PlaqueOff - a revolutionary dental hygiene food supplement, derived from seaweed to combat tartar and plaque build-up. Rich in natural iodine, the seaweed triggers saliva to soften existing calculus/tartar, and helps prevent new layers from forming. In clinical trials, improvements were seen in as little as 5-8 weeks. After 16 weeks, plaque and tartar was reduced by up to 86 per cent and calculus by up to 87 per cent.


Plaque is a sticky, colourless film of predominantly bacteria that constantly forms on teeth. If not removed effectively on a daily basis it can lead to gum disease, dental decay and bad breath. Now everyone can keep a check on how clean their teeth are with the Plaqsearch disclosing solution. Recommended and used professionally by many dental practices, this two-tone solution for home use will highlight problem spots, helping the user to identify areas they should clean more thoroughly. Available in a revolutionary cotton bud applicator or easy-to-chew tablets, Plaqsearch works by using natural vegetable dyes (Erythrosine-free) which colour plaque bacteria either blue or red; allowing you to differentiate between new plaque (which stains red) and more harmful older plaque (which stains blue).


Clean your tongue. Tongue scrapers don’t sound sexy, but they work. With their uneven surface, tongues are a playground for bacteria and a build-up can be a prime contributor to bad breath and the formation of plaque on teeth. Try TongueDetox to prevent bad breath and revive taste buds. Place at the back of the tongue, gently press down and pull forward. Used daily after brushing, it’s a quick and easy way to remove bacteria and food debris. Buy tongue cleaners now>>


Given that most dental disease starts in between the teeth, regular interdental cleaning using either floss or interdental brushes, should form an essential part of a normal oral hygiene routine. If choosing interdental brushes, to effectively clean all spaces between the teeth, you may need to use more than one brush size, so the mixed packs are ideal for people trying them out for the first time. TePe Interdental Brushes are the most recommended brand and the easiest to find in shops and at dental practices. Ideal for customers who need extra help reaching spaces between teeth, they are also useful around bridges, implants and for making oral health easier for people with braces. Comfortable and easy to use, they come in eight different sizes for reaching into even the tightest of tooth spaces to flush out trapped food and prevent plaque buildup. Buy TePe interdental brushes now>>


Regular dental visits are once every six to 12 months, your dentist will advise you on how often you need to attend. You may also need to attend the dental hygienist once every six months for a thorough scale and polish. Your dental hygienist will also check the health of your gums and advise you on your oral cleaning technique.