Smile Store partner with CanTeen to support young people living with cancer

In April 2014 Smile Store partnered with CanTeen on a project to help young people living with cancer by providing them with oral health products that relieve dry mouth and prevent infection.

Upon coming back from a wonderful Christmas with my family I made it my new year's resolution to give back in some way. One thing I think about over the festive period is how thankful I am to be sitting with all the people I love and appreciate, which in turn makes me think about those who may not be around next Christmas or those who are no longer with us. 

A couple of years ago my good friend passed away after a long battle with Leukaemia - he was 21. He was an amazing person with a great sense of humour & huge potential. Watching him deal with the treatment was hard to see and I wished I could help in some way.

At his funeral there were two things that stuck with me. The first was the way in which his sister described the frustration he expressed with his own body - "why won't my body work the way it should!". The second was a story his best friend told. When asked what he wanted to do on his day out of hospital the one thing he wanted was to drive as far away from the city as possible so that he could see the stars. These are two things that people tend to take for granted. 

Every year I think about how my good friend would trade anything to be in my place. When I feel tired, sick, depressed, upset, disappointed or angry, I think about how he would still give anything to be here in my place. 

CanTeen assisted him throughout his battle with cancer - he became part of their family. CanTeen give hope and happiness to young people dealing with what is quite possibly the worst thing anyone could experience. I wanted to contribute in some way. How could I help those young people living with cancer? 

Smile Store provided me with the opportunity to reach out to CanTeen and propose a couple of ways we could relieve some of the pain associated with cancer treatment. I met with Mary from CanTeen in January and we discussed how some patients experience a dry mouth as a result of cancer treatment. This may sound quite insignificant in the scheme of things but as I mentioned before, we tend to take small things for granted. 

In April Smile Store donated 200 oral care packs that contained a Xerostom Mouthwash & Toothpaste + a Mouthwatchers Nano-Silver Antibacterial Toothbrush, all in a nice Smile Store back sack. These were distributed to CanTeen organisations across the country to be given to every new diagnosed young person. We hope that by doing this we have made the treatment process less painful and frustrating for the inspirational young people battling cancer.

It is our goal to continue this contribution for many years, playing our part in giving back to our community. CanTeen is a wonderful organisation based on friendship and love. Thanks for all the hard work you do. Find out more about CanTeen HERE.

Rest in Peace Andrew. You will never be forgotten.

- Matt


Xerostom for dry mouth is a product that helps treat dry mouth. It is available in capsules, saliva substitute, toothpaste, mouthwash, spray and gum.