Water Flossing: Discover a cleaner, healthier mouth!

Many people do not floss. They don't like to floss or they find flossing time consuming and fiddly!

Numerous studies attest to the importance and benefits of at-home interproximal cleaning. Are there any alternative options available?


360PRO Waterflosser is an easier alternative to traditional string flossing and a great addition to your regular oral care routine. Think of it as a little waterblaster for your teeth and gums! Debris and food particles are  simply washed away from hard to reach places. Water flossing is especially beneficial for those with implants, crowns, bridges, orthodontic brackets and wires, or periodontal pockets. Debris is simply washed away!


360PRO Waterflossers offer the most effective combination of pressure and pulse to help flush out plaque and bacteria. Plus, it is simple and easy to use.