Yotuel Whitening Toothpaste Classic Mint

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Yotuel the non-sensitivity whitening system. 100% Detergent free, non-foaming, no sensitivity, rich in xylitol and fluoride.

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YOTUEL classic whitens with active natural enzymes and xylitol. The patented YOTUEL system helps to reduce stains, plaque and tartar without abrasion. Contains active fluoride and xylitol to fight tooth decay. Best anti-caries action. It is detergent free to avoid oral problems like aphthous ulcers. YOTUEL is a non-foaming toothpaste. 

Could you imagine a toothpsate that whitens without abrasion? YOTUEL subsitutes harsh abrasives for natural enzymes and xylitol in a unique patented whitening system. Neutral pH. Does not harm the enamel. 

Contains Sodium Fluoride 0,22% (1000pm) and Xylitol 10%. No animal ingredients.