Clinpro Tooth Creme

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Buy Remineralising Creme online from SmileStore NZ. Remineralising Creme is an oral health product which helps to restore minerals and nutrients to the tooth's surface. This is important because minerals are lost everyday doing ordinary activities like drinking and eating. Remineralising Creme is great for sensitive teeth and dry mouth. Clinopro Tooth Creme is advanced new technology in the treatment of dental decay.  

Advantages include:

*Delivering  fluoride to the tooth

*Strengthen teeth

*Reverse white spots

*Prevent cavities

*Gentle effective cleaning

* Whitening

*Pleasant Vanilla Mint flavour

Clinpro Tooth Creme contains new tooth strengthening properties including calcium, phosphate and fluoride to give you the extra advantage in taking care of your smile.

Clinpro Tooth Creme Patient Information (PDF)