Warm and Form Teeth Whitening Trays

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Whiten your teeth at home using these thermoforming trays. Warm, form, whiten.

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These Warm & Form teeth whitening trays are made of a special material that, when heated, cooled and set, conforms to your teeth to give you a custom fit.

They are molded by dipping them in hot water and then placing them in the mouth to form a precise mold of the teeth.

Thermoforming trays can be a little tricky to form, so be sure to follow the instructions carefully.

Pack contains 2 x trays (1 for the top teeth, 1 for the bottom teeth).


- Boil some water. Then remove the water from the heat.

- Hold one tray by the tab and immerse the tray into the hot water for roughly 5 seconds. As soon as the tray starts to wilt, remove it from the water.

- While the tray is still soft, position it over your upper teeth and then bite down. Don't worry, it won't burn.

- Firmly press the tray against the front of your teeth with your fingers. At the same time, press the tray against the back of your teeth with your tongue. Leave the tray on your teeth for 10 seconds, then remove.

- Place the tray into a glass of cold water. You should now see an impression of your teeth in the front part of the tray.


Repeat the entire process for the bottom set of teeth.


Using small scissors, trim the trays around the gum line (if needed) and cut off the tab

Your trays are now ready to use. Follow the instructions provided on the whitening gel label / product box regarding how to apply the gel to your trays and how much to use.

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