Dr Hisham's Oral Care System

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The Complete System includes a Mouth Rinse, Tooth Powder and Dental Vita.Mints™.

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The Benefits of Ozospa

Absolutely the Cleanest Mouth + Truly Fresh Breath + Whiter Teeth + No Bad Plaque

A Healthy mouth with significantly reduced risk of dental decay and gum disease, plus a confident smile for life.

  • Actively Cleans and freshens breath
  • Safe for all ages and health conditions
  • Oxidises stains and Whitens teeth
  • Actively fights bad plaque biofilm, tooth decay and gum disease bacteria
  • Reduces Dry Mouth – stimulates and enhances Healthy saliva
  • VEGAN, Halal, Kosher and PALEO friendly
  • Eco-friendly, food-grade ingredients
  • No animal testing or by-products
  • No Abrasives (even natural ones!)
  • No Fluoride
  • No SLS or detergents
  • No Alcohol or other irritants
  • No toxic chemicals or preservatives
  • Gluten, Sugar, Saccharin & Aspartame FREE
  • Colour-free to prevent staining

The Complete System includes a Mouth RinseDental Powder and Dental Vita.Mints™.

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