About us

When it comes to taking care of how we look and feel, oral-care is often left unchecked. We may change what we eat, exercise and use cosmetics, but for too many kiwis, oral care is relegated to the ‘when needed’ basket, sorted by a daily brush, the occasional floss and once-a-year trip to the dentist.

But oral care is where health starts.

Often called ‘the window to health’, our mouths are how we eat, taste, talk, communicate, connect, and experience the world we share. Something worth caring for.

Smile Stores mission is to give more kiwis a reason to smile.

Supplying dentist-grade oral care products, information and education, Smile Store empowers kiwis to take charge of their health, making oral hygiene simple, affordable and accessible to all.

With each new healthy smile, Smile Store encourages kiwis everywhere to shine brighter, and experience a life full of the confidence that comes from looking and feeling your best.

Shine Brighter with Smile Store.
Shine Bright