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5 back to school dental health tips

30 October 2020

5 back to school dental health tips

Kick the school year off to a healthy start with good oral health habits that will form the basis of a life-long routine and ensure clean bright healthy teeth for your little ones.


Make lunch boxes the night before and focus on tooth friendly snacks – nothing too sticky!

Some foods that we think are healthy can actually get stuck in the tops of teeth (known as the fissures). If this food isn’t removed and stays ‘stuck’ there for long periods, they harden into plaque which leads to dental decay. Make dried fruit and sticky rice crackers part of a weekly rather than daily eating habit and encourage your kids to flush or drink water after these types of snacks. If your child has food visible after brushing their teeth this is a sign that they have deep fissures in the top of their teeth. This is common and nothing to worry about but worth a consult your dentist. They can fill these with clear filling material, also known as fissure sealant to stop any chance of decay early on.


Go to sleep with the right ‘mouth’ environment

After brushing teeth and just before sleep, smear teeth and gums with an active formula toothpaste or serum like Clinpro Tooth Crème or Dr Hishams Tooth Serum. Going to sleep with a pH neutral mouth is important for teeth health, as sleeping especially with your mouth open, can exacerbate bacteria activity and cause the formation of plaque which leads to dental decay. After nightly brushing your child should only drink water and for that extra protection, use a fluoride anti bacteria product to smear over the teeth & gums prior to sleep. Click here for our range of preventative products.


Correct brushing technique

For the best technique so your child can develop life-long habits visit your local hygienist. At around age 10 – 12 it is well worth a visit so they are shown the correct brushing and flossing techniques, and also giving your child their first professional teeth clean at the same time. In New Zealand it is recommended to visit a dental hygienist every 6 months to maintain a healthy smile.


Make flossing fun

Waterflossers are the new gadget to help not only make flossing fun, but also give an effective clean between the teeth and under the gumline. They are available in a cordless and plug-in model and have a selection of tips to help if your child is wearing braces. Our 360PRO brand has been designed in New Zealand by dental experts who know about teeth. Think of it as a tiny waterblaster for your mouth. Check out the 360OPRO range here.


Keep your childs mouth sugar free

Plaque forms on your childs teeth when food containing sugars and starches are left on teeth. Bacteria that live in the mouth thrive on these foods and produce acids which over time destroy tooth structure and lead to tooth decay. By limiting the amount of sugar your child consumes you can help prevent tooth decay. Using Xylitol, a natural sugar substitute not only helps prevent tooth decay but it naturally coats the teeth for a period of time after consumption and therefore actively protects your teeth. There is a range of mints and gums containing Xylitol that are designed for kids and adults to chew or suck after eating or drinking anything sugary or acidic. Check out the range of Xylitol products here.

And don’t forget about yourself! . . . for busy teeth whitening on the go choose WhiteBlanc Teeth Whitening Strips that you can wear in the car or on the way to the office, or our 360PRO Cordless Waterflosser that makes quick effective work of daily flossing.

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