ECOCLOTH Biodegradable Wipes - 50

from $10.95

Ready-to-use, anti-bacterial wipes that can be safely and effectively used to clean and disinfect hard surfaces.

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Confidently clean surfaces with ECOCLOTH wipes to ensure germs are wiped out!

Environmentally friendly and proven to be effective against 99.9% of micro-organisms.

Perfect for cleaning around the home, office work spaces and when travelling.

  • 100% biodegradable large size wipes
  • Alcohol free, odourless and non-tainting
  • Effective against 99.9% of microorganisms
  • Convenient flip-top resealable pack that prevents wipes drying out
  • Does not leave a residue
  • Economical and easy on-the-go cleaning
  • 50 wipes per pack
  • Wipe size: 33 x 20cm


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