Collis Curve Access Toothbrush for Implants

from $12.95

The curved design of the bristles of the Collis Curve Toothbrush allows you to clean all 3 sides of your teeth at the same while eliminating the danger of poking the bristles into your gums.

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It is simply a better brush

The Collis Curve Perio brush is for patients with recessed gums, long or longer teeth; patients with dental appliances such as braces, caps, crowns, implants etc; and for patients who have periodontal pockets. The longer curved bristles reach gently around these special areas. Bristle diameter is 0.28 cm with longer trim height. Adult length 1.27 cm.

  • Brushes three sides at once
  • Easier for care providers
  • More comfortable for care recipients
  • Half the time to remove plaque than other brushes
  • Every study proves the increased efficiency

 The Collis Curve brush is perfect for:

  • Young children
  • People with dental braces
  • Caregivers and Parents
  • People with limited hand and/or arm motion